National Army of Colombia

Commander of National Army of Colombia

General Alberto José Mejía Ferrero
He was born in Bogotá, Cundinamarca, and entered the Military School of Cadets on February 6, 1978. He was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant of the infantry weapon on June 1, 1981, and his last promotion was to the rank of Major General on December 1, 2013.
The President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos, appointed Major General Alberto José Mejía Ferrero as the new Commander of the Colombian Army on July 9, 2015.

General Mejía is a graduate in Military Sciences from the Military School of Cadets and holds three masters degrees in International Security Matters of the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, California, USA), in Strategic Studies of the U. S. Army War College (Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA, and in National Security of the Superior School of War of Colombia: He speaks English fluently.

During his 36 years of military career at the service of the country, he has held positions such as Commander of the Special Operations Joint Command; Commander of the Air Assault Aviation Division of the Army; Commander of the Fourth Brigade; Chief of Planning and Transformation of the Army; Commander of the Special Forces Brigade; Director of the Infantry School; Commander of the Lanceros School. All this positions have allowed him to excel in the operational field, always focusing on the fulfillment of the constitutional mission and the construction of peace.

Also, while he was the Commander of the Air Assault Aviation Division, he directed the CRE-I and CRE-II Strategic Renewal and Innovation Committees, under the direct orders of the Minister of National Defense, which originated the 'Honor Sword' War Plan.

He also took the following courses: Lanceros, Jumping Chief, Skydiving, Basic Infantry, Explorer and Ranger in Fort Bening-USA, Special Ground Command, Basic Military Police, Rural Special Forces, Jungle Command, Jungle Operations, Jungle Operation Instructor, among others. Furthermore, he has fully complied with the courses required by law to advance in the military career, including Basic, Command, Staff and High Military Studies. This training has allowed him to become a specialist in combat and strategy.

The work carried out in his ascending military career has earned him the recognition of his superiors, represented in more than 40 decorations, both national and foreign. Some of them are: the Order of Boyacá in the category of Great Officer, the order to Military Merit Antonio Nariño in the Grand Officer category, the Military Merit order José María Córdova in the category of Grand Officer, the Ayacucho Medal, the Military Medal Guardián de la Patria for Meritorious Services in Military Intelligence for the second time, the Military Medal of Distinguished Services in Special Operations, and the Medal Faith in the cause. At the international level, he has received medals such as the U.S. Best Student Medal, the U.S. Army's Military Excellence Medal, and the United States Army's Commendation Medal.

He is commitment to the Institution and the country to guarantee the safety of Colombians, to defend the national territory and to continue to promote the good name of the Army by assuming the emerging challenges. All of this is intended to contribute to the peace, development and progress of the nation under strict compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Law.