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He Was Recruited by the FARC When He Was Only 14 Years

He had not finished elementary school when he was approached by members of the FARC who forcibly recruited him to compensate for the loss of men in their ranks. With delusions he was given a gun and given the order for criminal intelligence to the security forces for further planning of attacks.
Tired from the exhausting days, not appropriate to his age, and guided by the fear of being captured or killed during the risky activities, Alias Bryan, as he was nicknamed by the FARC, decided to escape and found troops from the Infantry Battalion No 26 Cacique Pigoanza, from the Ninth Brigade in a rural area of Garzón, Huila.

The military unit could establish that the child, who is now 15 years old, was recruited by the Front III - Oswaldo Patiño, during these 12 months he was in charge of monitoring each of the movements of the army in rural area of Belén de los Andaquíes in Caquetá, and establishing routes for planting explosive devices.

At the threat of forced recruitment, soldiers of the Ninth Brigade are asking parents and teachers to approach the competent authorities in order to prevent more children to go to war.