National Army of Colombia

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28 Armament and Shooting Instructors in The Army

The Shooting School, under the National Training Center, graduated 28 students as Armament and Shooting Instructors, after six weeks of sacrifice, dedication and selflessness in order to obtain better results and thus achieve military distinction.
This group has from this moment the great responsibility of being multipliers of the skills obtained during his time at the
Shooting School.

During the ceremony, Brigadier General Jaime Agustín Carvajal Villamizar, commander of Cenae and the Tolemaida Military Fort, made special acknowledgment to Lieutenant Oswal Ortiz Rangel, attached to the Military Police No. 3, who with his behavior and skills showed at all times professional virtues and personal conditions, leading him to the first place of the course.

The Command of the National Training Center invited military personnel to continue working with faith, using tactical targeting and acquired knowledge in this outstanding school so that the Army and Colombians may soon see the results of this arduous training reflected in defending citizens and their resources.