National Army of Colombia

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From Tolemaida, General of the Kingdom of Spain Stressed Military Training

Tolemaida is considered the heart of the Army, where the vocation of soldiers is strengthened, and the training of the Armed Forces and the international community develops. That is why, General Jaime Iñiguez Andrade, head of the Joint Special Operational Command of the Kingdom of Spain, and his entourage visited this Fort along with General Alberto José Mejía Ferrero, Commander of Special Operations Command, as part of strategic relationships with Colombia. His goal is to support peacekeeping missions and participate in humanitarian operations.
They arrived at Gustavo Rojas Pinilla airport, where they were received by Brigadier General Jaime Agustin Carvajal, commander of the National Training Center. There, under the guidance of the commanders of the Aviation Brigades 25 and 32, they got to know the capabilities of the Army Aviation as well as maintenance and supply that are made from the Military Fort.

Then they gave way to their visit to the Special Engineer Brigade who, with their group for Humanitarian Demining, showed the skills of the men who made this important military work that seeks to preserve the life of the civil population and troops. Their tour continued to the Commando Battalion, where different schools of the National Training Center had an exhibition.

Finally, the activity ended with a demonstration of real situations that occur in the area with special missions. They performed different exercises, such as infiltration, extraction, rappelling, among others, showing all the skills of the Special Forces. This way, it is ratified why a soldier is a highly trained military, prepared to give their life to ensure security and peace for all Colombians.