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Alias la Mona preferred a second chance on her life by demobilizing

The history of “Leandra” or “La Mona”, as she was baptized by the heads of the Farc, initiated on March 10th of 2002 when she was just a 15 years old girl, full of illusions, and wishes for a better future and to reach traced goals.
On her daily life she made a total spin when to her home arrived alias “Comején” for convincing her to become part of the lines from the “Reinaldo Cuellar” front at the Southern block of the Farc and though she was never sure about it, she was seduced by the false promises.
The next years went through orders, mistreatments and homesickness for not knowing anything of her family. From there she asked for authorization in order to do infirmary studies, becoming in charge of aiding the wounded guerrillas in combat.
Constantly she was submitted to long walks between the departments of Guaviare, Meta and Caqueta; facts that weakened her morale and fed her wishes of running away.
Even though, the definitive impulse arrived on the morning of July 8th of 2010 when the camp were the terrorist group spent the night was bombed.
I was wounded and since then I become a load for the heads; they never gave me the necessary medical attention for the recuperation of my wounds and from then I understood that the Farc, the human part doesn’t exists and that their ideals doesn’t benefit the Colombian people, on the contrary, the harm it”, she pointed out.
The young woman, with 24 years of age, escaped to the city of Bogota, from where she took contact with the Gaula group Huila, which were explained by her the wish of passing to the Humanitarian Attention Program for the Demobilized.
Today, she assured that she has a second chance, that she will take it in order to study and accomplish all her dreams that she left behind when she was deceived by the illegal armed group