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Members from the FARC, ELN and BACRIM decided to run away

08 de octubre de 2011
Bogota. In the last hours, in different regions of the country, seven members form the terrorist organizations ran away and presented in a voluntary way to the troops of the National Army were they asked for protection.
The first turn in was produced in the facilities of the Mechanized Cavalry Group No.13 “General Ramon Artuto Quiñonez” stationed in the city of Bogota, were a woman assured to be part of the “Jose Maria Becerra” of the ELN.
In another site, in Florencia, Caqueta, soldiers from the Sixth Division took in two subjects that decided to ran away from the terrorist faction of the Farc.
As well, troops from the Infantry Battalion No.33 “Batalla de Junin” stationed in Tierralta, Cordoba, received an individual who said that he was part of the criminal band of the zone.
Finally, three members of the self called criminal band “ Los Rastrojos” turned in voluntarily to the troops of the Infantry Battalion No. 46 “Voltigeros” deployed in the town of La Fortuna in the municipality of Mutata, Antioquia.
In the site the military units, confiscated three rifles, six ammunition clips and 1.054 war cartridges of different calibers.